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Most expensive chanel bag


From clutch bags made from cigarette packets and tea bags to diamond clasps and pink sapphires, from headphone cables and furry foxtails to exotic skins; these accessories come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Only 20 of these patchwork bags exist and were created using 15 different Louis Vuitton patterns.

The LV New Age Traveller backpack features various lurex jacquard woven Monogram fabrics alongside exotic skins including crocodile and snakeskin. The bag also has suede leather tassels and headphone cables, and two furry fox tail charms.

12. Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile...

The Leiber Precious Rose accessory features 1, diamonds totalling So precious, that there is only one available in the world. The Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag looks more like a nasty pile of rubbish and comes with an extremely nasty price tag. "Most expensive chanel bag" Marks produces only one Cleopatra bag every year, made of metallic silver alligator skin and a clasp with 1, black and white diamonds in carat white gold. The shoulder straps are also made from white gold.

Hermes Purses

Chanel has made only 13 of these bags. Both the removable strap and the diamond can be used separately as a bracelet or necklace.

The heart shaped purse is encrusted with 4, diamonds in yellow, pink and colourless variants totalling to It took ten skilled artisans and a total of 8, hours to create this accessory. Moritz Tokyo Venice Zurich.

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag bornrich. The 12 most expensive handbags in the world. Here are 12 of the most expensive handbags in the world: Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag: Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino: Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag: Louis Vuitton New Age Traveller backpack: Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag: Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag: Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag: Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag: Hermes Birkin bag by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka: Tagged under louis vuitton Fendi marc jacobs hermes Chanel.

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