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Wwe aj doing sexual harassment


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This especially applies to links to merchandise except wwe. Wwe aj doing sexual harassment Threats and Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

This includes posting personal information and brigading against any online or real life target. Surprised no woman has come forward with sexual harassment yet self.

After Weinstein there has been a domino affect with everyone coming forward with sexual harassment stories or worse.

From Hollywood, government and NFL it seems it's everywhere. So I'm kind of shocked there hasn't been anything about the WWE yet.

You'd figure that would be breeding grounds for stuff like this. We've all heard stories about Vince been a sleezeball back in the day with all the Divas.

Orton approached some of the...

Sable sued WWE for sexual harassment at one point. He's in the garbage business, and he doesn't care if he stinks.

There have been accusations. Russo said a diva told him she was raped by a male star while he worked in WWE no Wwe aj doing sexual harassment though Ariel then said someone attempted to rape her. I don't know why no wrestling news sites have picked this up. Nicole Bass after the Sable lawsuit https: I thought the same thing about Vince.

I'm assuming they can't say anything under some kind of contract they signed way-back-when. The WWE industry is too controversial for anything not to come out. But hey, if Trump can become president then anything is possible. Why why why do you have to bring trump into a conversation that has nothing to do with the president. If an asshole can Wwe aj doing sexual harassment president of America then do not be shocked about anything that happens in the world e.

No allegations coming out in an industry like WWE. I know what you attempting to say.

If you are just dying to chime in Say something similar to the topic not something out of the blue and fucking random. You're getting worked up. Trump supporter of course. Don't worry he will be impeached soon enough. It's nothing new for WWE.

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