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If a guy texts you after a hookup


Guys tend to send short messages, and you have to read between the lines to understand what he really means. You find yourself constantly analyzing his texts that it sometimes drives you up the wall.

You get all giddy and happy when he sends you a text. What he really means: He forgot how much fun he had with you until he saw your picture on If a guy texts you after a hookup and remembered how attractive he finds you.

I didn't get back to you because I'm not into you. Maybe he was in the middle of something when you sent it, and then he forgot about it because of his busy schedule. He probably texted with other people while he was ignoring you. You should forget about him if he continues to do this.

You might think hanging out "If a guy texts you after a hookup" watching Netflix, talking over drinks, or other PG things. It could be, but when a guy uses the word hang out, it usually means that he wants to sleep with you. He just wants to get laid. I'm not sure when, but maybe when I'm bored. Is he going to call me at the end of the day or tomorrow? He might not call, either. If he likes you, then what you think of him should matter to him.

You should walk away when you get a text like this. When a guy double texts, it usually means he likes you, but this text could be misleading. He wants one thing — he wants to get it on with you.

He wants to see if you want to come over to his place or if he can go to your place so that you guys can get freaky with each other. You should know that this is straight up a booty call. When he adds other words like beautiful or even your name, it makes it a bit more personal. He wouldn't make an effort to text someone he has absolutely no feelings for especially when he wakes up.

He wants to spend time with you, and most importantly, he wants to know how you really feel about him.

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