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This species is usually known as: Populus nigra, Populus nigra subsp.

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This species has also been known as: Lombardy Poplar, Black Poplar. Trends five databases Popularity of Populus nigra over time [ Left-hand Plot: References and links to abstracts: Tree Physiol 33, Brilli F, Tsonev T, Mahmood T, Velikova V, Loreto F, Centritto M Ultradian variation of isoprene emission, photosynthesis, mesophyll conductance, and optimum temperature sensitivity for isoprene emission in water-stressed Eucalyptus citriodora saplings. Chen H-C, Song J, et al. Coenzyme A Ligases in Populus.

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Atta ur R pp. Trends in Biotechnology 30, Soil and Tillage Research Physiologia Plantarum Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3, Antonijevic M, Dimitrijevic M, Milic S, Nujkic M Metal concentrations in the soils and native plants surrounding the old flotation tailings pond of the copper mining and smelting complex Bor Serbia.

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Eds Lise J and Catherine L pp. Cao X, Jia JB, et al.

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