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Wife needs sex


We encourage you to invest in your wife. Meet her needs — for her sake and for the sake of your marriage. How can you do that? Want more coaching from Gary and Barb? If you give affirmation only when your wife has Wife needs sex something right or performed well, you can actually cause more harm than good.

Your wife Wife needs sex begin to feel as if your love is based on her performance. Thank her for the things she does for you and your family. Welcome her advice and insight. A wife is deeply strengthened when she hears her husband express love and appreciation for her in front of others.

Make her feel beautiful. Airbrushed images, magazine covers, movie stars and models suggest that only certain body shapes are beautiful.

When a wife feels confident about her body, she is more willing and eager to pursue and enjoy sex. Appearance is a sensitive issue for women; it can make or break a great sex life. If a woman feels Wife needs sex gorgeous, she will perform sexually as if she is!

Find out what your wife is battling: Include her in your life. Invite your wife to join you in your hobbies. Invite her Wife needs sex your work world too. Your job and your hobbies are a big part of your identity, and your wife wants to know what excites and challenges you. Share your successes and failures with her. Look into her eyes when she talks, and hold her gaze.

Use your eyes to flirt with your wife. Verbally affirm her during sex. When a man talks to his wife during sex, he communicates to her that he is mentally present.

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