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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Each chapter is formulated in a competent manner and written in an attractive style. Bios of playwrights inspired by antiquity, information about each performance, bibliography relative to sources and themes combine to provide an example of scholarship of the highest quality.

Queen of the Wind Maidens. Ancient Theatre as an Ideological Medium: A Critical Review Academic Reviewers: We also thank Blazej augustyn wife sexual dysfunction. We invite the public to comment and point out areas requiring additional research and attention. We are also printing a number of copies for the conference participants who will hopefully become the first beneficiaries of our endeavour designed to facilitate debates at the conference, and offer a model for other post-communist countries suggesting a way to make each of their particular situations better known in Europe and abroad.

A chronological register of performances, against a background of political events and changing cultural policies, lists entries of all spectacles. While we tried to produce a complete register, it is Blazej augustyn wife sexual dysfunction than likely, that some of the spectacles, especially those produced in the smaller theatres, eluded our attention.

Each entry includes the date of the premiere, title and author of the play, name of the theatre and city, the name of the director, and names of other artists participating in the production, if available. The register, additionally to ancient theatre, includes Polish playwrights as well as foreign authors inspired by antiquity whose plays were staged in Poland during communism.

The evidence provided by the register allows a better informed exploration of the reasons why this particular rooster of authors were welcome or at least tolerated on the Polish stage by the communist authorities. A list of classical themes and values important for communist "Blazej augustyn wife sexual dysfunction," or for its critics, completes the discussion of each Polish author.

One of the criteria for selection was the number of times the play was staged and the number of meaningful reviews it triggered. The analysis of a selected play includes a list and a discussion of the reviews illustrating political and social reactions to each spectacle.

Among the selected plays, seven are classical, four are plays inspired by antiquity, of these one is by a foreign author very popular in Poland, and three by Polish playwrights, two are recognized as highly influential poets blessed with huge talents. The third one considered a minor author is currently being published again and her poetry receives a considerable scholarly and public attention.

Most of our research was done in libraries and online — we used histories of various theatres in Poland of that era and the websites of those that still exist, as well as monographs of various kind, memoirs of eminent artists, and so on.

Still, it has been enormously helpful in our research and we would like to acknowledge our debt to people who created the website and maintain it.

A.C. Rimini 1912 players

These two data bases compiled independently from primary theatrical sources claim to cover all spectacles staged in Poland since the end of WW2 and are of colossal importance for historians of theatre and culture. Naturally, many classicists studied performances of ancient theatre on Polish stage, often concentrating on specific authors, genres, or periods but rarely from the point of view of ideological reception and propagandist usage.

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