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Relationship dos and donts


As a psychologist and relationship counselor for over 25 years, I speak from experience when Relationship dos and donts say there's more to the art of love than we can imagine: Yet human beings also hold an incredible capacity to give love if they're shown the right kind of love. Our goal in a relationship should be to help our partner release this abundance of love to experience a fulfilling relationship.

Every relationship has its own...

What I see happening more often, however, is that people continue to make the same mistakes in their relationships and expect different results.

What's worse is that their insecurities and negative tendencies lead them to act in ways that destroy what could be a perfectly healthy relationship.

8 Big Relationship Dos and...

Different partners draw out of us different emotions -- some we didn't even know we had -- and sustaining a relationship becomes tedious from both ends. But we must ensure that at least we're doing our part.