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Bi-sexual definition


The new Secret Six continues that tradition establishing Catman as bisexual.

Why is it important to have a bisexual character in a comic book? It is true that gay and bisexual men are far more likely to transmit HIV than other population groups.

Bisexual people, too, tend to be particularly closeted both at home and in the office. A new study shows that 47 percent of gay or Bi-sexual definition men have never discussed their orientation with their doctor.

Bisexual definition at, a...

The fourth glume Bi-sexual definition coriaceous, lanceolate, bisexual or female. The fourth glume is coriaceous, with a bisexual or female flower.

Naiadace—Aquatic herbs with inconspicuous, unisexual or bisexual flowers. The flowers of this order are bisexualwith six stamens and a six-parted perianth. Liliace—Herbs with narrow leaves and showy, bisexual flowers. Meaning "attracted to both sexes" is from ; the noun in this sense is attested from Not in general use until s. Noun is recorded from Ambisexual was suggested in this sense but never caught on.

Traditionally bisexual has referred to romantic or sexual Bi-sexual definition to two, and no more than two, genders, specifically male and female.