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Black ops 2 multiplayer matchmaking


This is literally so true.

You join in progress to keep the lobby alive so that there's more play time than Black ops 2 multiplayer matchmaking time. As people are more likely to leave lopsided games, guess where you're more likely to join into an empty spot? The other option is for the lobby to slowly die then everybody gets to enjoy forming new lobbies instead of playing.

I'm just curious why you think "level" equals anything more than time played? Sure, it stands to reason that the more a person plays, the better a person gets, but that is not always the case.

The players with only 2 days played, yet working on their 4th and 5th prestige are not nearly as common as you probably think.

Call of Duty: Black Ops...

I would prefer a matchmaking system dedicated to connection quality over skill based criteria every day of the week. Why gets my previous post always deleted??? As I said, i dont mean people that only played 2 days which is what I would describe me or similar people as, because we do in fact have other things in life than gaming and have already prestige.

Who played 2 days and has Prestige already, clearly has nothing else to do. And although I doubt that many exist that go that far in that short amount of time, its not the average for sure. But plenty and plenty of people already have for example Rank 50, at least when I play. Adding that to the fact that the match-making rather punishes you for not being better or in many casual players cases, they dont have the timeputs me together with people similiar to me, against a team of people with high ranking most of the time.

Where is there any sense in that? Match-making should rather pick people to even teams out, so that overall skill level per team is counted together Black ops 2 multiplayer matchmaking, and then split up in more less similiar skilled teams.

And if you only have time sometimes, loosing all the times is no fun and NO motivator. And the devs these days already for years seem to only like to fuel the competition, especially those of Triple AAA titles. Isnt it enough to buy a game and play it, and really have the whole game from the start, with all stuff that i payed for?

Rather than me needing not only to put in endless amount of time Black ops 2 multiplayer matchmaking actually get what I payed for, and in the meantime loose all the time, just because I dont have the time to put in the game, because there are other things in life than that.

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