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Eugene christian


Endorse Eugene Christian School. Endorsements should Eugene christian a few sentences in length. Please include any comments on:. Thank you for your school recommendation! Your review will be checked according to our submission guidelines and posted within a few days.

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The combination of small class sizes and attention to growing in Godly Eugene christian are huge blessings to our family. The teachers, administrators and support staff function as a cohesive unit to provide quality academics along side sports and the arts. I went to preschool through 8th grade and my daughter has started preschool at ECS.

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The staff is Eugene christian and so friendly. My daughter is always excited to go to school, she loves all her teachers, and she enjoys her classmates. The parents at ECS are great too! Their helpfulness, love, and camaraderie are evident and I can attest to it as I am a privileged recipient of this special traits that binds ECS.

Last October my husband died and I was overwhelmed from all the love, encouragement and support I got from the whole spectrum that is ECS staff, teachers, students and parents.

They preach Christianity and they walk what they preach. We are Eugene christian thankful to be a Eugene christian of this school. And if you are not part of this school yet, you'd better hop in and experience how it is to be in it.

Our girls feel loved while at school, the staff is supportive, helpful, giving, and caring. Our girls have learned so much since being at ECS.

Their curriculum is wonderful and from what we have experienced it is more rigorous than others. Their small class sizes are Eugene christian nice. We've met so many wonderful families and built several friendships in a short amount of time. It truly feels like an extended family.

We have a first grader and preschooler at Eugene christian. Our kids love it, and my husband and I have been very happy with it as well. The staff are extremely friendly, welcoming, and caring. Our boys' teachers are extremely skilled and they are passionate about their job.

My son is in Eugene christian grade here at ECS and absolutely loves school! The small class size gives him one on one attention when he needs it, from teachers that really care about him.

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This is such a wonderful school and a great staff! We started our Eugene christian here in October Since then, I am seeing undeniable growth in my children academically and spiritually! I haven't talked much about it publicly As a public school teacher, this was a very difficult change for our family that after weighing all options heavily with tears I accepted and embraced.

My heart explodes with joy when I see our daughter Kindergarten so joyful, already reading, singing her Spanish, and memorizing scripture!

My heart is proud when I see our son 5th grader working hard, taking ownership of his learning and then as he witnesses the fruit of his hard work in good grades. The teacher to student ratio small class size has been extremely beneficial! Both kids receive one Eugene christian one instruction as needed and immediate feedback regarding grades. The learning community at ECS is comprised of caring staff and teachers, tight knit families and students who are serious about Eugene christian Please come for a Eugene christian Our kids have been attending here for 6 years now and it has been amazing to see it grow.

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The small class sizes are helping my children get an individualized learning experience right for them. The teachers are kind, committed, and "Eugene christian" willing to learn new things along side of the children.

The school is working hard on emphasizing values Eugene christian character traits that don't just happen at school but will extend to their daily lives with all people they come in contact with. I see the school embracing today's technology, social interest, and ever changing academic styles with purposeful intent while not compromising on values.

Eugene Christian School has become a second home that my kids genuinely love going to each day. It is a great family to be a part Eugene christian and we are extremely blessed to have this school. We currently have a 2nd Grader at Eugene Christian School and we simply can't say enough about our experience as a whole.

The class sizes are small, allowing the teacher to give one on one attention to every student. They have all of the programs that help enrich children - art, music, language, PE, etc And most importantly, it's Faith based teaching and vision for the school is so refreshing and exciting to see.

We have 2 younger children whom we will also send to ECS. We LOVE this school! Patrick Schoenherr - Eugene christian by Parent - patri. As parents we are so pleased with the school's focus on keeping the students' growing Faith at the core of what they do. ECS has weekly chapel and curriculum that includes God and His teaching, we love what this has done for our son's confidence in his Christian Faith. Academically speaking, the fact that the students still get to Eugene christian all subjects in the classroom and also Spanish, PE, and Music is a bonus as well.

We are pleased that he can receive a more well-rounded education. The new administrator is very forward thinking and kid-focused.

He supports integrating technology to help create an individualized education program for Eugene christian student.

We also like the fact that the school also reaches out to the local community with community concerts, supporting charities and service projects.

We are looking forward to the Eugene christian with ECS! I find 1 the school truly cares about the spiritual development of the children, 2 passionate, dedicated teachers, and 3 a facility perfectly suited for a learning environment.

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