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Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to address this seminar on such a important issue. Our membership base is quite unique, as we have members both working in the renewable sector and in the oil and gas sector.

Our union is politically independent, but we are active in the political sphere to set the agenda on behalf of our members and work towards political solutions we consider to the best both for our members, and the services they provide. Our policies are based on an economical and environmentally sustainable future and decent jobs for all workers. It acknowledges the common challenge in the change from a fossil-based economy, which posts a great threat to our planet and will adversely affect our livelihoods.

The fundamental change we Soiree speed hookup dans le nord pas de calais foresee on our own societies are already manifesting themselves in other parts of the world.

The Paris Agreement refers to just transition, a hard-fought victory for the international trade union movement and for workers all over the world. Soiree speed hookup dans le nord pas de calais what does it actually mean? And how do we get there? In my eyes, that means a transition based on these five pillars:. Jobs and employment must be priority number one when transitioning to a low-carbon society. But not jobs of any kind. When workers become obsolete, there must be an outlook for a new and better job.

This is the most effective way of ensuring a work life that is constantly progressing and provides important social security. There must be policies for creating new jobs, through the mechanisms of the marked, but most importantly, through political will and action. Through sound investments in sectors which are sustainable and will provide many jobs to replace the former job markets, societies will be able to withstand mass unemployment and poverty.

Secondly, it ensures that workers in challenged sectors will support the transition from an unsustainable economy through a knowledge that their future job will be a secure and decent job.

Obsolete workers must not be left to precarious work and a fragile connection to work life.

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Temporary jobs and insecurity must not be the solution that they are offered. They cannot risk losing basic and hard-fought pension rights, getting a job which is more dangerous or a lower-paid job. Insecurity does not create flexibility. Therefor transition security is vital to get workers support and willingness in times of transition.

The maintenance of skills and development of new skills is essential. There must be continuous work to maintain the competence needed, and this is certainly one of the most important principles of just transition. Both the work place and the education system must facilitate for workers to keep their skill sets up to date and to develop their skills further.

Through this, workers acquire greater flexibility in finding a new job and resistance to unemployment. Further on, it gives societies the best foundation to grow and create sustainable economies.

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Both employers and the government must give the workers a real ability to develop their skills to meet the new future. In order to ensure a just transition to a low-carbon economy one is dependent on a welfare state which provides social security. There must be a political will for a changeover from status quo which develops a workforce to be dynamic and resilient. The transition might give periods where some workers are left without a job. The alternative to a temporary period of no employment cannot be poverty.

In a state of transition, there must be a "Soiree speed hookup dans le nord pas de calais" safety net through unemployment benefits that allows workers to find a new job in a sustainable sector without descending into poverty. In addition, there must be public policies that actively enables workers to increase and diversify their competence to become resilient to changes and increase their chances of getting a job in different sectors.

The welfare state and government policies must facilitate this through a broad range of mechanisms.

Amongst these is a financial commitment. The climate crisis is unquestionable and a challenge we must act on now. Unlike local pollution, this is something that cannot be solved without all countries changing their fossil-based economy.

This requires an international and collective responsibility and a dispersion of the burden in transforming the economy and energy consumption. The rich and developed countries, like European countries, must take most of the burden in this transition.

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