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Theban band homosexual parenting



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What it's like to have same-sex parents

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Homosexuality in the militaries of ancient Greece was regarded as contributing to self-confidence. Some Greek philosophers wrote on the subject of homosexuality in the military.

In Plato 's Symposium , the interlocutor Phaedrus commented on the gift of male sexual interconnections to improve bravery in the military: However, the Symposium is a dialectical exploration of the cast of true love, in which Phaedrus' views are soon found to be inadequate compared to the transcendent vision of Socrates, who:. He preaches no avoidance of the debate with appetite, but fairly the achievement of a definite victory over the lower elements of love-passion, and the pursuit of beauty on higher and higher levels until, as in a sudden manifestation, its ultimate and enriched essence is revealed.

Xenophon , while not criticizing the relationships themselves, ridiculed militaries that made them the sole basis of unit formation:. According to tradition, the Greeks structured military units along tribal lines , a custom attributed to Nestor in the Homeric epics.

The Theban military commander Pammenes , however, is expected to have advocated military organization based on pairs of lovers:

How lame is this? Homosexuality in the militaries of ancient Greece was regarded as contributing to morale. Although the primary example is the Sacred Band of Thebes, a unit. According to the ancient sources, the Sacred Band of Thebes was an . affirmation, etc. to LGBT people and their allies, while infuriating (or at..

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  • The Sacred Band of Thebes was a troop of select soldiers, consisting of pairs of male Homosexuality...
  • Jokes on them though, the Spartan king and his bodyguard ended up being defeated by the...
  • According to the ancient sources, the Sacred Band of Thebes was an . affirmation, etc. to LGBT people and their...
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Sacred Band of Thebes

Epaminondas' refusal to accept the terms of the peace conference of BC excluded Thebes from the peace treaty and provided Sparta with the excuse to declare war. Boys and men were seen as quite separate, in certain areas. Plutarch 46— AD , a native of the village of Chaeronea , is the source of the most substantial surviving account of the Sacred Band. Here, the massed Theban phalanx was arrayed into a highly unconventional depth of fifty men.

Pederasty was common in ancient Greece; sometimes the relationships would remain sexual until the younger partner was about 20; there was never an expectation that these couples were in it for life; both men would have sought out wives and started families; none of this should be construed as equivalent to or in opposition to modern discourses of same-sex love and relationships.

Hollywood has played a part in the progressive shift in attitudes towards homosexuality in our society. The absence of gay warriors on the big screen isn't due to a lack of gay soldiers who have excelled and continue to excel in the various branches of the military throughout the world nor is their presence in battle a recent phenomena. For every or Gladiator , there's an equally as bad-ass and more historically accurate tale of male lovers slaying their way into legend.

Greek history, a deep well of inspiration for Hollywood, is ripe with tales of such warriors. The most interesting facts come from his research on an elite warrior unit known through history as The Sacred Band of Thebes that used same-sex relationships as motivation in combat.

Imagine a film adaptation set against the backdrop of the hegemonic battles between Athens and Sparta. The movie opens circa B. Suddenly a guerrilla campaign, led by the Sacred Band, an elite unit made up of a pairs of male lovers, captures a nearby fortress used to house Spartans and goes on to rally the city-states of Greece to the cause of freedom. He becomes a skilled fighter and strategist under the watchful eyes of two commanders, Epaminondas and Pelopidas, vying for his affection.

In the 4th century B. What makes this band of brothers unique in history is that it was comprised entirely of male lovers. The classical Greeks tolerated a wide range of sexual appetites. One that shocks the modern conscience, pederasty a sexual relationship between a man and a pubescent or adolescent boy , was, in fact, in many places seen as benefit to society: Democracies saw it as insurance against tyranny. But the major source of its prestige remained despite Plato its contribution to military morale.

In fact, Plutarch claimed that, in Thebes: Although some dispute that boys were involved in these relationships, most scholars agree that it: Furthermore, this perception is supported by the contemporaneous accounts of Xenophon B. Although the involvement of minors in these sexual relationships offends our modern morals, sensibility and laws, at the time, the deep attachment between the two males was seen as a military advantage:.

  • The term “homosexual” is inaccurate though, since that term originated in the 19th century, and For that matter, there's also the issue of the Theban “Sacred Band” the elite of warriors of The boys' parents would have not taken kindly to it. The two gay documentaries released last week struggled to find a sizable audience over the weekend. you there, the movie's sets, clothes, music, and men are exceptional. .. Will Leyla's nosy parents find her k.d. lang CD?.
  • Its predominance began with its crucial role in the Battle of Leuctra in BC.
  • Homosexuality in the militaries of ancient Greece - Wikipedia

Did an Army of...

This Week in Food and Travel: The aliens are phallic by design, and people become literally pregnant with their offspring. You weren't expected to be in love with your wife in a modern, romantic sense. The skeletons within the enclosure of the lion monument are generally accepted to be the remains of the Sacred Band, [65] [66] as the number given by Plutarch was probably an approximation. A Companion to the Classical Greek World.

Eh, you're arguing with direct words from the director and the screenwriter. Plutarch 46— AD , a native of the village of Chaeronea , is the source of the most substantial surviving account of the Sacred Band.

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Theban band homosexual parenting

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