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What year did cyberbullying start


Cyber-bullying occurs when a person often a child, preteen, or teenager is bullied, harassed, humiliated, threatened, embarrassed, or targeted in some way by another person often a child, preteen or teenager. Cyber-bullying is much like traditional playground bullying where there is name calling and someone is getting picked on, except cyber-bullying is done through the use of the internet, cell phones and other forms of digital technology.

In order for it to be categorized as cyber-bullying, the intent must be to cause emotional distress, and the methods of cyber-bullying are limited only by a child's' imagination or access What year did cyberbullying start technology.

Bullying and Cyberbullying by Richard...

Though the use of sexual remarks and threats are sometimes present in cyber-bullying, it is not the same as sexual harassment and does not involve sexual predators. StopCyberbullyingNow offers these concrete examples of traditional and cyber bullying.

So, when thinking about ways...

There are two very common types of cyber-bullying; direct attackand cyber-bullying by proxy. A direct attack is a message that is sent to a child directly such as: Cyber-bullying through proxy is when the "bully" gets someone to do the dirty work for them.

Most often they are unwitting accomplices and don't know they are What year did cyberbullying start used by the "bully".

Cyber-bullying by proxy is considerably the most dangerous type of cyber-bullying because it often gets adults involved in the harassment and most of the time the adults are unaware that they're bullying a child. Cyber-bullying normally effects any child, preteen or teenager who has access to the internet, email, text messages, etc Again it is much like traditional playground bullying where fellow classmates, friends, and even enemies attack one another with harsh words and threats. Sometimes "What year did cyberbullying start" threats are harmless and victim is able to brush it off of their shoulders, other times the threats and attacks are much more painful and can result in depression and sometimes even suicide.

As I explained on the opening page of this essay, victims of cyber-bullying are much different than victim's of traditional bullying. Kids who are bullied on the playground can be physically beaten by someone who is twice their size, but in the case of cyber-bullying the little guy can kick the crap out of the big kid verbally, and can sometimes leave some very emotional scars.

BBC produced an article What year did cyberbullying start teachers who felt that social networking sites Mysapce, Facebook Within the article, they quoted a boy named Nathan who had been a victim of traditional bullying. Nor will it come back to bit them in the butt tomorrow. The ability to remain anonymous on the internet when cyber-bullying gives the upper-hand to the kids who would probably have the lower-hand on the playground.

The act of Cyber-bullying is normally committed by one child, preteen or teenager towards another child, preteen, or teenager. This is not to say that adults are never involved. There have been instances the Story of Megan Meiers for example where adults have posed as children, preteens or teenagers to cyber-bully a child, preteen or teenager.

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