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How to get out of sexting


For those in an ongoing, intimate relationship, sex texting is a way of dirty communication known as "sexting" for short is one way of sending each other erotic and naughty messages and images from wherever you may be. Sometimes, however, sexting can be unwanted and unwelcome, even if it's from someone you're dating. What do you do if someone you're involved with How to get out of sexting a little too carried away with sexting for your taste?

Or what if the person sexting you is a friend, co-worker, or complete stranger who just won't stop? Expert Co-Authored Why choose wikiHow? When you see the green expert checkmark on a wikiHow article, you can trust that it has been carefully reviewed by a qualified expert. Do not send or receive messages.

If you send or receive sexts, you can be charged with child pornography. This applies to sexts that happen on the phone or over the internet. Doing this can get you in even more trouble. Do not be terrified and let this stop you from notifying an adult.

You will not automatically go to jail or get in trouble for receiving sexts, but you should be aware that this is very serious.

Think before you send a message. Once you send a message or a photo, How to get out of sexting is no longer in your control. You cannot control if the other person shares it with other people, posts it online, or saves the message forever. Do not give into pressure to send messages to a person, even if you care about the person. Ignore their requests or just block them.

Immediately delete any inappropriate pictures you receive. If you receive a nude or semi-nude picture of another person, delete the message.

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