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How to kiss someone with thin lips


I have thin lips. Personally, I love having thin lips not very thin, but not Angelina Jolie puffy. I don't like these big lips that people try to achieve by pumping stuff in. You can give more precise, delicate kisses. I don't think it really matters about the size. It's how you use them!

I don't think he's consciously thinking about it, he'll more likely be thinking "mmm the girl I love" Try not to be self conscious about it. If it's really bugging you, experiment with make up. Lipstick can make your lips look plumper, but don't be disheartened if it looks naff at first - color is very very important, and very tricky to get right! Well, coming from someone with big lips who has kissed a guy with thin lips, I'll tell you what I enjoyed about his kisses and what made up for his lack of lips: P lol He was so romantic, tender, and affectionate when How to kiss someone with thin lips kissed that I honestly forgot how thin his lips were.

There was just something very special about his kissing style. He worked with the atmosphere around us, he would use body language and gentle caresses to make the kiss something greater than just two people pressing their lips together.

The only thing that would have made the kisses better was if he would have been less predictable with his tongue movements and mixed it up. I always knew just what he was going to do when he put his tongue in my mouth. But I liked him so much, I didn't gaf lol Whatever you don't have physically, you can always make up for it by making people feel good: How to kiss someone with thin lips can't help what you're born with but you can help what you bring to other people's hearts.

They're a way to embrace and enjoy every size. Although the media tends to romanticize "big stuff" on women lips, boobs, etcmost guys are not that picky. If the body part is yours, he loves it because it's yours regardless. Okay I've kissed plenty of girl with all shapes and sizes of lips.

It's mostly her skill that makes a kiss good or bad. Full lips are definitely attractive as hell but just because a girl doesn't have em doesn't mean she's out of the water yet. There are other things you might try. My ex and I used to this thing with our tongues. You circle your tongue in circles on the other person's lips. There's also exercises you can do that might fullen your lips a bit. For best answer, going to need experience with the specific lips in question. Come kiss me and I'll give you a full, unbiased report.

Honestly I couldn't give you any input on that because got big lips myself so I never experienced that LOL but if you find out any point let me know maybe one day I might have to give somebody pointers on kissing my big lips LOL. Hey if you are beautiful to him try to be less self-conscious.


After getting into the kissing use your tongue more to be playful and more open mouth. I never minded her having thinner lips than me, so this was a interesting thought for me. The most important aspect is her personality, attitude, emotional availability etc. For myself big lips just don't look right especially when they are obviously fake. But I want a girl to be herself not with all the fake crap that plenty of girls put in themselves these days to make them feel better. They are pretty as it is, half the time this stuff takes away the looks.

I'm pretty average in the lips are i would think, but for me it wouldn't matter that much.

First and foremost, every kiss...

If a girl has outrageously large lips because natural or cosmetic stuff I'd assume itd feel like she's sucking my face off. Guys want to kiss you because of you, your lips are simply an insecure part of your body we all have somthing we don't like and we as individuals are the only one with a problem with that body part. Try lip plumper lip balm from safora How to kiss someone with thin lips your favorite cosmetics store that should help.

In aspects of myself I've looked at worried over lips is not something I've ever thought about, I wouldn't even know if I had big, medium or small lips. I was more worried about having a big forehead but then get told I look better with my hair up and no fringe so I dunno anymore.

Well my opinion is. Maybe he wanted the "french kiss" but it will come by the time so you won't feel awkward and he will know that he can make small kisses without licking ur skin lol. You can use different techniques to increase the size of your lips I am not talking of How to kiss someone with thin lips lol ew. Every kind of lips are nice. Cannot change genetics, love him and love your body as best as you can.

Big lips are trendy now so everyone thinks they're better.

When it comes to kissing it's the person not the lips. Kissing big lips with thin lips, is it awkward? I don't understand why guys even want to kiss me with those lips I highly doubt this but are there any guys who like thin lips?

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