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Wu jun wife sexual dysfunction


Sexual dysfunction SD is a common reported problem in patients with multiple sclerosis MS. A total of MS women age: The most common SD-related complaint was orgasmic problem No significant relationship was found between primary SD and disease duration.

SD, a common multifactorial problem among MS women, can arise at Wu jun wife sexual dysfunction time during the disease and with any level of disability. However, we found relationships between SD and some of clinical variables and symptoms.

Understanding these relationships would help us to develop practical approach and treatment for SD. Multiple sclerosis MS is a chronic progressive neurological disease, which is most likely to develop in young adult; at the age that is an important time of life for sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction SD is a common reported problem among patients with MS.

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Unfortunately, it often remains under-diagnosis. It described SD as having three levels of responsible factors, in terms of primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Symptoms of this dimension include decreased sexual desire, arousal and orgasmic problems, decreased vaginal lubrication and change in genital sensation. Secondary SD occurs as a result of physical symptoms which indirectly impact on sexual activity. Some examples of these symptoms Wu jun wife sexual dysfunction fatigue, muscle weakness, spasticity, tremor, cognitive problems, bladder and bowel dysfunction, numbness or sensational change in non-genital areas, and incoordination.

Tertiary SD derived from psychological and social aspects of MS that affect sexual feeling negatively, such as negative self-image, lowered self-esteem, fear of being rejected, feeling of dependency, anger, and depression. Female sexuality is a multidimensional subject.

There has been less attention paid to frequency and characteristics of sexual complaints among women with MS, in comparison with men. No relationship was found between disease duration, secondary progressive MS, and bowel dysfunction. Because of a religious and male-dominant culture in some countries like Iran, women have difficulties expressing their own feelings and sexual experiences; consequently, female SD may not consider as an important issue. According to important role of sexual function on quality of life, and developing new medical and psychological treatment for SD, early diagnosis in MS patient is necessary.

Furthermore, understanding characteristics and contributing factors for SD lead to improve treatments and interventions. Previous studies investigated SD based on primary-secondary-tertiary model were Wu jun wife sexual dysfunction and done with a small sample size. The aims of present study were to examine frequency, distribution and interrelation of the three SD dimensions, and to determine whether there are relationships between various clinical and demographic variables and different levels of SD in women with MS.

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