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Sexual harassment panda bar scene in good


A giant panda mascot educates the children on sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment Panda

Cartman sues Stan for sexual harassment, which eventually leads to everyone in South Park suing each other. Garrison's class to teach the kids about sexual harassment.

However, the kids misunderstand the issue. When Stan calls Cartman an "ass sucker", Cartman sues him for sexual harassment and wins half his belongings. Kyle's dad Gerald, who serves as Cartman's attorney, then sues the school system for millions.

Gerald quickly makes a fortune representing both kids and adults in hundreds of similar court cases. He uses his new riches to turn his house into a mansion. Soon he's the most hated and most feared person in town. The school system, impoverished by the huge payouts, is forced to fire Sexual Harassment Panda.

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