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On election day, Hamiltonians re-elected Fred Eisenberger [4] to serve his third term as mayor of the City of Hamilton.

He is the first mayor since amalgamation to be re-elected for two consecutive terms. The issue arose during the municipal election, with Hamilton's three top mayoral contenders supporting ward boundary reform during their campaigns.

Throughout February,community consolation meetings were held across Hamilton to inform the public and collect feedback from residents. The final report presented a number of options for changing the city's existing boundaries.

On February 8,councillors voted to reject the consultant reports and redraw the city's ward boundaries themselves, opting to avoid any substantial boundary changes, except for a minor ascetic alteration to the boundary between Ward 6 and Ward 7 on the East Mountain. Robert Williams, one of the consultants the city hired to study the boundaries told council Watson and Associates could not support the changes, saying, "I've told Are carole and adam dating 2019 memes by month in black and white, we couldn't endorse it.

In January,local media reported that a group of residents from Hamilton's suburbs, working under the name "Free Flamborough", had taken issue with the imposed boundaries and council's decision to not pursue an appeal.

The Hamilton municipal election occurred...

The group, led by Flamborough resident Roman Sarachman, had begun exploring options such as launching legal action "Are carole and adam dating 2019 memes by month" the municipal government, or pressuring the provincial government for the right to de-amalgamate from Hamilton [14].

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board's HWDSB attempt to reallocate the ward boundaries for trustees in also resulted in the decision to task the — Board with examining ward boundary reform after city council redraws boundaries. The HWCDSB was the first board to meet the provincially-imposed deadline, with Catholic trustees opting to abandon their long-standing practice of having two trustees elected for Ward 9, 10, and 11, and instead establishing single trustee seats for Ward 1, 2, and 15, Ward 8 and 14, Ward 9 and 11, and Ward 12 and Following the provincial electionthe Minister of Municipal Affairs and HousingTed McMeekinannounced the province would be reexamining the Municipal Elections Act, to determine if the length and voting systems of Ontario's municipal elections needed alterations.

Part of the reexamination was a proposal that would have allowed municipalities to adopt a ranked ballot system for the municipal elections. In JuneHamilton's manager of elections, Tony Fallis, commented that the system would confuse electors, while Ward 3 councillor Matthew Green called the system a "fantastic opportunity.

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