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Lageado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The aim Sinonimo de reflexionar yahoo dating this study was to understand the perception of families about the actions developed by them in the search for social reintegration of their crack addict relative. This is a qualitative study conducted with 10 family members of crack-addicted individuals who were hospitalized in a detoxification treatment unit of psychoactive substances.

Data were collected in April and Maythrough the focus group technique and categorization was based on content analysis. Family members contribute significantly to the social reintegration of their relative, they feel co-responsible for their treatment, and therefore they guide them in the search for a new path.

Families play an essential role in the life of drug-addicted relatives and are aware that they must be present in the relative's life, constantly seeking strategies to help them and support them in coping with their suffering and Sinonimo de reflexionar yahoo dating.

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The use of drugs is an old practice in human history, which has remained in different societies, and has been associated with sociocultural traditions, religious and mystic rituals, and has even been considered as a facilitator of social interaction.

Among these challenges, there is the need to promote social reintegration of drug-addicted individuals. Social reintegration is associated with the possibility of reestablishing Sinonimo de reflexionar yahoo dating and coexistence between the individual and relatives and other members Sinonimo de reflexionar yahoo dating society, by means of movement and occupation of social spaces. However, this process must be put in place together with the family.

Family is considered as the main socializing institution for the individual. It plays an important role both in creating conditions that imply in drug addiction and in creating a safety network for its members. Considering the need for further reflection on the influence of families on their members, and highlighting the importance of analyzing and questioning strategies implemented by Sinonimo de reflexionar yahoo dating family to socially reintegrate the crack-addicted individual, it is necessary to start from the relatives' point of view.

Understanding the perception of relatives also becomes relevant because most existing scientific publications on the topic have as their object of study health professionals or health institutions that give support to crack addicts.

In view of the above, the following question is raised: What are the actions developed by the family in the pursuit of social reintegration of their crack-addicted relative?

The objective was to understand the perception of relatives on the actions taken by their family in the search for social reintegration of their crack-addicted relative.

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This is an exploratory and descriptive study with a qualitative approach. The setting was a treatment unit for detoxification of psychoactive substances of a medium-sized hospital, located in the central area of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, designed for treatment of crack users adolescents between 14 and 18 years oldwho remain hospitalized for periods that vary from 9 to 12 weeks.

The following inclusion criteria were adopted for the participation of relatives in the study: After a formal invitation, ten relatives parents and grandparents, aged between 30 and 60 years made themselves available to participate in the study and signed a Terms of Free and Informed Consent. Data were collected between April and Mayin a private room, by means of the focus group technique, based on the discussion between participants, so as to analyze different opinions, attitudes and perceptions on a specific topic, fact or practice through interaction within the group.

The main researcher acted as a coordinator moderator and a nurse acted as an observer. The notes taken by the observer during the group sessions were also analyzed. Data were analyzed by means of categorization, based on content analysis, 9 which occurred in three steps: In order to ensure anonymity, participants were identified throughout the text by the letter R for relativefollowed by a number. The content that emerged from the statements was analyzed and Sinonimo de reflexionar yahoo dating into two theme categories: Sinonimo de reflexionar yahoo dating a relative of a crack addict means being involved in a context of challenge that requires permanent responsibility and actions that aim to keep the drug user close to the family and away from problems brought by drug addiction.

Actions taken by relatives are expressed in the form of support and attention to their crack-addicted relative.

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