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Mobile network review uk dating


But where Three really stands out is with its extras, such as unlimited data tariffs, free roaming in numerous international destinations and more.

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Unlike the other UK networks Three doesn't offer 2G, but instead only offers 3G and 4G services with coverage reaching That puts Three roughly in line with rivals and the network is investing heavily in its infrastructure. Towns and cities with partial or full Three 4G coverage include but are not limited to:. Not only is that just a partial list, but Three is adding Mobile network review uk dating it all the time. So if you don't have 4G where you are now you likely will do soon.

In other words then, you should be in safe hands with Three, particularly if data and roaming are priorities for you. According to OpenSignal it offers average 4G download speeds of Its average latency of Speedtests download speed figures are lower but the placing is the same, putting Three in third place with an average Mobile network review uk dating of Speedtest also provides information on average upload speeds, with Three coming in third again with 7.

Again though, this will be an average of 3G and 4G speeds. The MHz band can travel over long distances, making it a good fit for rural locations, where masts are often spread far apart. But it can also do a good job of penetrating walls, making it great for bringing 4G indoors. Three also has some other spectrum in the 3. However, the network did recently acquire 20MHz of 3.

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However, Three notes that TrafficSense may restrict or prioritise certain types of data use when the network is congested or has a fault, in order to keep things running smoothly. When using your phone abroad in Go Roam locations, video may be delivered in standard definition, and the speed of P2P and VPN services may be reduced.

Three also offers Data Only plans for tablets, MiFi devices and dongles. They are available on 1, 12 or month contracts and come with up to 40GB of data. The plans at their core stand Mobile network review uk dating from most rivals through having potentially unlimited allowances and potentially widespread roaming if you're on an Advanced Plan.

There are also numerous other benefits, most of which are highlighted in the chart below. Wuntu rewards refers to an app available on Android and iOS which is packed full of exclusive offers, discounts, competitions and rewards.

The content is refreshed every week. That means "Mobile network review uk dating" you have a plan with unlimited data you can tether indefinitely. Check out the full up to date list of compatible handsets here. Call quality is also sometimes higher when using VoLTE. Hands Free is another perk for Three customers, one which allows you to put your hand luggage in the hold on easyJet flights at no cost.

Then at the other end your bag will be one of the first to come off the plane.

Other perks of Hands Free include being able to board the plane faster and getting a free tote bag, so you can still take essentials on board. Three also offers a range of Pay As You Go bundles, most of which give you an allowance of minutes, texts and data, but some of which are designed just to boost one of those three things.

Three also offers services abroad, allowing you to continue to use your data, minutes and texts at no extra cost. Customer service can be hard to judge, but based on the evidence available it seems that Three may well be above average in the area.

Super-fast mobile streaming could be...

First, we have the Which? The industry average is apparently 5, so Three is better than average there, tying with EE and O2, and bettered by Tesco Mobile. Three's 4G coverage is now comparable to rivals and the network has plenty of other benefits including higher data limits than any of its main rivals, free roaming in a large number of places, high speeds when on 4G, solid customer service and competitively low prices. Summary Pros Cons Free roaming beyond the Mobile network review uk dating Tests suggest latency could be improved Unlimited data plans Top speeds aren't as high as some rivals Competitive prices Not all plans allow tethering or global roaming Our Rating.

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