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Coco chanel subtitrat online dating


Greenhalgh also wrote the screenplay for the film. Chanel and its current chief designer Karl Lagerfeld lent their support to the production; [4] they granted access to the company's archives and to Coco Chanel's apartment at 31, rue Cambon, Paris.

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An introductory scene takes place in Paris inwhere Coco Chanel attends the first, scandalous performance of Igor Stravinsky 's The Rite of Spring. The rhythmic dissonance of the score and the surprising choreography of the piece result in heckling and outrage among much of the audience. But Chanel is impressed by Stravinsky and his music. Seven years later, Chanel and Stravinsky meet again.

Although her business has flourished, Chanel is mourning the death of her lover, Arthur "Boy" Capel. Stravinsky has chosen to flee to France following the Russian Revolution.

Chanel invites Stravinsky to live in her villa outside Paris, along with his ailing wife and their children. The summer months that follow see Chanel and Stravinsky begin an affair, one which Stravinsky's wife cannot avoid becoming aware of.

Tensions between Stravinsky and his wife, and between Stravinsky's wife and Chanel, are unavoidable. The film implies that the affair, and "Coco chanel subtitrat online dating" later termination of the affair by Chanel, has a major influence on the lives of both Chanel and Stravinsky. It is during this time that Chanel creates Chanel No.

During his time at the villa, he works hard on a revision of The Rite of Spring. One of the last scenes of the movie shows the revival of the ballet, with new choreography, and this time, shows that it was an artistic triumph and recognized as a masterpiece.

But the film … never regains that Coco chanel subtitrat online dating blast of energy and the final scenes wobble toward a wishy-washy ending.

The Rite of Spring Premiere. During Coco chanel subtitrat online dating summer, Chanel discovered that the Stravinsky family was seeking a place to live. She invited them to her new home, "Bel Respiro," in the Paris suburb of Garches until they could find a more suitable residence.

They arrived at "Bel Respiro" during the second week of September and remained until May Chanel also guaranteed the Ballets Russes production of The Rite of Spring against financial loss with an anonymous gift to Diaghilev, said to befrancs. The personal relationships depicted in the film are largely fictionalized.

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