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Go pass belgium online dating


We are planning to buy Rail pass 10 journeys for 76 Euros ,will travel on the same day from Brussels to Antwerp via Brugge.

Brugges to Antwerp - 4...

Brussels to Brugges - 4 adults and 2 child will travel with the pass and buy one Go pass ticket for 6 Euros. Brugges to Antwerp - 4 adults will travel with the pass and will buy 3 Go pass tickets for 6 Euros each.

What is the station name in Brugges which will be nearer to the Grote market and also for the canal tour? Just bear in mind that you can't purchase Go Pass 1 tickets at the ticket desk, you can only buy them from ticket machines or online from www.

There is only one station in Brugge at which you can arrive from Brussels "Go pass belgium online dating" depart to Antwerpand it is called - "Brugge"!

Regard buying 4 Go pass 1 tickets Can we use cash to buy the tickets at machine in the Brussels central station or any card needed? If we are buying Go pass 1 online.

Youth (-26) and children (-12)

Or just can we book 4 tickets of Go pass 1? To answer your earlier questions, whichever departure you select when buying domestic train tickets online, irrespective of the type of ticket so including Go Pass 1they are for a specific route on a specific date, but you aren't restricted to a specific train departure.

If we buy a return...

And ticket machines dispensers now take credit cards as well as Belgian debit cards and cash, see belgianrail. You have never mentioned which station you are arriving at - or where you are coming from, which might give us a clue - or want to leave from, but for Brugge you can leave from Bruxelles- NordBruxelles-Central or Bruxelles-Midi, the train travels through all 3 in that order.

It's not possible to explain how to find the ticket office without knowing where you would be entering the station, and which one, but in any case I think you'll find it Go pass belgium online dating obvious.

As it says in the instructions, yes you are supposed to fill in the pass before boarding the train - you are supposed to have a valid ticket "when boarding" the train; and you don't have any "ticket" for your trip until you have filled in the trip concerned on the Pass.

In practice, you can do it immediately after boarding as the ticket inspector is not likely to come around immediately. This is what it looks like with trips filled in: You mustn't cross anything out or you invalidate that line, so don't make any mistakes!

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