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Sun, wind and electric generation ; Sol, viento y generacion electrica. A description is made of the electric generation known as the photovoltaic-wind power hybrid systems at the generation station of X-Calak which is located in the zone known as Punta Herrero-X-Calak Corridor, in the Southern coast of the Quintana Roo State.

This is a technology in development, in which the solar and the wind energy are combined, to offer an alternative of electric generation that can be economical, reliable and of low impact on the environment. Mention is made of the experiences gathered in this station as well as the results obtained [Espanol] Se describe la tecnologia de generacion electrica conocida como sistemas hibridos fotovoltaico-eolico en la planta generadora de X-Calak, la cual esta localizada en la zona conocida como el corredor Punta Herrero-X-Calak, en la costa sur del estado de Quintana Roo.

Esta es una tecnologia en desarrollo, en donde se combina la energia solar y energia eolica, para ofrecer una alternativa de generacion electrica que pretende ser economica, confiable y de bajo impacto sobre el medio ambiente.

Se mencionan las experiencias obtenidas en esta planta asi como los resultados obtenidos. Clean generation of electric energy; Generacion limpia de energia electrica.

This article deals on the existing alternatives of renewable energy for generation of electricity free from polluting sequels within the Mexican territory and presents a global overview on the electricity generation in Mexico. Wind power, hydraulic energy, biomass, photovoltaic and fuel cells are sources of renewable energy that could contribute to Mexico's sustainable development, for this reason it is discussed on the main sources of renewable energy in Mexico - solar and wind energy, mini-hydraulic, Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating and "Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating" - on their development and evolution, cost, insertion projects and obstacles for their correct development in this country.

La energia eolica, hidraulica, biomasa, fotovoltaica y las celdas de combustible son fuentes de energia renovable que podrian contribuir al desarrollo sustentable de Mexico, por esto se arguye sobre las principales fuentes de energia renovable en Mexico -energia solar, eolica, minihidraulica, biomasa y geotermia- sobre su desarrollo y evolucion, costo, proyectos de insercion y obstaculos para su Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating desarrollo en ese pais.

Wind energy for electricity generation ; Generacion electrica con energia del viento. A description is made of electricity generation utilizing wind energy Eoloelectric Generation.

The case of Mexico is reviewed in respect to this technology, mentioning a small power plant of 1.

Mention is made of the possible causes why Mexico has not advanced in this type of power plants for power generation as in other countries like Germany, Spain and India. The advance in these countries is shown as well as the growth statistics of the wind power in the world. It is concluded that there is not in Mexico a strategy for wind energy utilization for electricity generation in spite of the potential benefits this technology offers [Espanol] Se describe el caso de la generacion electrica utilizando la Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating del viento Generacion Eoloelectrica.

Se aborda el caso de Mexico respecto a esta tecnologia, mencionando una pequena central de 1. Se mencionan las posibles causas por las que en Mexico este tipo de centrales de generacion de energia no ha avanzado como en otros paises, por ejemplo: Alemania, Espana y la India.

Se muestran los avances de estos paises, asi como una estadistica del crecimiento de la generacion eoloelectrica en el mundo. Se concluye en que no existe en Mexico una estrategia para la generacion eoloelectrica a pesar de los beneficios potenciales que ofrece esta tecnologia. Analysis methodology for economic technical feasibility studies in offshore electrical generation systems; Metodologia de analisis para estudios de factibilidad tecnica economica en sistemas de generacion electrica costa fuera.

An analysis methodology followed in the development of technique-economic feasibility studies of systems of electrical generation in offshore electrical installations is presented, including the obtaining Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating the curves of the turbine and generator performance, the technical considerations for the formulation of the operation scenes and the calculations of the economic evaluation of a real scenario.

Towards a distributed electric generation scheme with non-conventional energies; Hacia un esquema de generacion electrica distribuida con energias no convencionales.

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Several factors contributed to the existence of large electric systems as we know them today, such as: With all this, the third part of the World population still does not have access to the electricity service.

The efforts that the small electric enterprises perform to carry the service up to the site where it is required, every day time becomes more expensive and less effective.

Exhausted by the weight of a huge economic debt, many electric utilities of the developing countries find each time more difficult to obtain financing to extend the power lines.

This situation becomes still more serious with the present privatization scheme of the electric utilities. Although new technologies are being developed to counteract the negative effects caused by the large electricity generation power plants, the society seems to begin to show preferences for more benign to the environment options. The scheme of distributed generation can be given in to modalities: By means of isolated systems in remote sites, where there is not access to the conventional services; and with systems interconnected with the electric network where this is available [Espanol] Varios Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating contribuyeron a la aparicion de los grandes sistemas electricos como los conocemos hoy en dia, tales como: Con todo ello, la tercera parte de la poblacion mundial no tiene aun acceso al servicio electrico.

Los esfuerzos que realizan las companias electricas para llevar el servicio hasta donde se requiere, resultan cada vez mas costosos y menos efectivos. Agobiadas por el peso. Analysis of the energy portfolio for electricity generation ; Analisis del portafolio energetico para la generacion electrica.

The planning of electricity generation systems considers several factors that must be taken into account in order to design systems that are economical, reliable and sustainable. For this purpose, the Financial Portfolio Theory is applicable to the energy portfolio or the diversification of electricity generation technologies, such as is the combined cycle, wind, thermoelectric and nuclear.

This paper presents an application of the Portfolio Theory to the national energy system, based on the total generation costs for each technology, which allows determining the average variance portfolio and the respective share of each of the electricity generation technologies considered, obtaining Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating portfolio of electricity generation with the maximum possible return for the risk taken in the investments.

This paper describes the basic aspects of the Portfolio Theory and its methodology, in which matrices are implemented for the solution of the resulting Lagrange system. Options of electric generation and sustainability; Opciones de generacion electrica y sustentabilidad.

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Martin del Campo M, C. In this paper a study on the sustainability of the main electricity generation options is presented. The study is based on a matrix of sustainability indicators developed in Switzerland. A revision of some sustainability studies performed in countries with certain energy diversity and with experience in nuclear power plants operation, is done.

Studies, in general, are performed for the power plant life cycle, taking into account economic aspects, fuel prices impact on electricity generation costs, fuel reserves indicators and material consumption. Air emission, waste production and human health impact data are also presented. All the results lead to confirm that nuclear energy has a high degree of sustainability vis a vis other options based on fossil fuels and renewable.

Finally some comments are presented in order Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating highlight the importance that nuclear energy might have in the sustainable development of Mexico.

Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo...

The electric power generation in Mexico and its environmental impacts: Past, present and future; La generacion electrica en Mexico y sus impactos ambientales: Pasado, presente y futuro. The purpose of Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating paper is to analyze the historical evolution, past and present of the installed capacity and of the electric power generationas well as the fuel consumption and the associated green-house gases emission. Also, under the technique of economic scenarios and future towns in short and mediate terms the potential needs of installed capacity, generationmix and fuel consumption and associated green gases emissions is analyzed.

Later on a comment is made on the energy implications of the substitution of fuels policies and the environmental Standards. Finally, a series of comments is established on the possible technological directions for the sector, from the stand point of generation efficiency and its effects in the reduction of emissions [Espanol] El proposito del presente trabajo es analizar la evolucion historica, pasada y presente, de la capacidad instalada y de la generacion electricaasi como el consumo de combustibles y las emisiones de gases de invernadero asociadas.

Tambien se Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating bajo la tecnica de escenarios economicos y poblaciones a futuro en el corto y mediano plazo las posibles necesidades de capacidad instalada, generacionmezcla y consumo de combustibles y emisiones de gases de invernadero asociadas.

Posteriormente se comenta sobre las implicaciones energeticas de las politicas de sustitucion de combustibles y estandares ambientales.

Por ultimo se establecen una serie de comentarios sobre las posibles direcciones tecnologicas para el sector, desde el punto de vista de la eficiencia de generacion y sus efectos en la reduccion de las emisiones. This work has as purpose to diffuse in a general way the technology of the one modulate reactor of pebble bed.

Because our country is in developing ways, the electric power demand goes in increase with that which it Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating presented the great challenge of satisfying this necessity, not only being in charge of the one fact per se, but also involving the environmental aspect and of security. Both factors are covered by the PBMR technology, which we approach in their basic aspects with the purpose that the public opinion knows it and was familiarized with this type of reactors that well could represent a solution for our growing electricity demand.

We will treat this reactor visualizing it like part of a generation plant defining in first place to the itself reactor. We will see because that the system PBMR consists of 2 main sections: In what concerns to the fuel, it peculiar design due to its spherical geometry is described, aspect that make to this reactor different from the traditional ones that use fuel rods.

In fact in the fuel spheres of the PBMR it is where it resides great part Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating it inherent security since each particle of fuel, consistent in uranium dioxide, is lined one with coal and silicon carbide those which form an impenetrable barrier containing to the fuel and those radioactive products that result of the nuclear reactions.

Such particles are encapsulated in graphite to form the sphere or 'pebble', of here born the name of this innovative technology. Supervisory control for hybrid systems of electrical generation based on fuzzy logic; Control supervisorio para sistemas hibridos de generacion electrica basado en logica difusa. The development and integration of hybrid systems of electrical generation SHGE of small capacity: The intention of these developments is its implementation in isolated or far away communities from conventional electric networks, that contribute in the own productive processes of these towns.

As part of these work a system of control for their hybrid system wind-photovoltaic- internal combustion machine was developed that operates nowadays in a system installed in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Lemos de Pereira rises that the main problems of the present technology of the SHGE are related to the control and supervision of the power systems. The system that is in charge of the actions of load control and dispatch is denominated supervisory control.

This controller supervises the operation of all the components, regulates the entry or exiting of operation of the generation systems, as well as the loads. El proposito de estos desarrollos es su implementacion en comunidades Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating o alejadas de la red electrica convencional, las cuales contribuyan en los procesos productivos propios de estos poblados. Como parte de dichos trabajos se desarrollo un sistema de control para su sistema hibrido eolico-fotovoltaico-maquina de combustion interna que opera actualmente en un sistema instalado en Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Supervisory fussy control for an electric generating hybrid system; Control supervisorio difuso para un sistema hibrido de generacion electrica. The results shows that the supervisory controller fulfills the three Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating objectives of the system operation: I to reduce the fuel consumption of the back-up system, II to reduce the depth of the discharge of the battery bank, and III to keep fully charged the battery bank as much as possible in order to make a better use of the available free renewable energy sources.

En este trabajo se definio la configuracion y los elementos que componen el SHGE a utilizar, producto de la revision de configuraciones de sistemas hibridos propuestas actualmente.

La configuracion del SHGE incluye: Tambien a partir de la configuracion propuesta se buscaron y seleccionaron los modelos matematicos de los diferentes elementos del sistema.

Se llevo a cabo la validacion de los modelos a traves de la comparacion de la salida contra datos reales obtenidos en un SHGE instalado en Pachuca. Se determino la funcion principal del controlador supervisorio dentro del SHGE. La funcion es satisfacer el o los objetivos de operacion del sistema. La filosofia de operacion del controlador supervisorio se definio a partir de la configuracion electrica propuesta y de los objetivos de operacion del sistema.

Por lo que respecta al "Retroalimentacion negativa y positiva yahoo dating" del controlador supervisorio, se llevo a cabo una revision de los controladores supervisorios actuales que utilizan alguna tecnica de control inteligente. Hydraulic turbines uses for rural electric generation ; Utilizacion de microturbinas para la generacion electrica en el medio rural.

The micro turbines use for electric generation either in autonomous systems or in connection to the national net is presented like an alternative whose viability has been studied in the Agreement taken place between the UTE Administracion Nacional de Usinas y transmisiones Electricas y la Facultad de Ingenieria.

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